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Annual Services

Car service is a vital part of maximising the life span of your car and ensuring you avoid costly breakdowns. Car Service is also important for maintaining vehicle safety. Our interim and annual service plans below are aimed at addressing both of these points. Our safety checks include brake function, wheel and transmission function, signals and indicators, door locking, window wash and wipe. When we replace parts on your car we use premium parts and operate according to the recommended service schedule for your car.


We operate our own dedicated crash repair facility fitted with the latest equipments. We carry out repair work for our customers and on behalf of all the major insurance companies. Like our service business our goal is to bring you a quality of service higher than the our competitors at a far more competitive price. Our crash repairs will process your claim with all major insurance companies to ensure a speedy and quality repair to your car. In the past, the price of car crash repairs could fluctuate greatly.



Our state of the art low bake oven allows us to do jobs as small as a bumper scuff to a full respray. We repair all makes and models of cars and light commercial vehicles. We provide quick, expert repairs to the highest standard. Our experienced and friendly staff ensure every car is in perfect working order before it leaves our workshop. We carry out work on behalf of all major insurance companies and can deal directly with your insurer in the event of an accident.



We have the equipment to trace a variety of electrical problems in your car. To help you understand a little more about your car we have listed some typical problems. If you feel your car is slow to start, we advise you replace the battery early and avoid being stranded with a car that won’t start. If you have an ABS warning light on, drop into us and we will quickly diagnose the problem. Lighting systems can give trouble when they have the wrong bulb inserted or become worn. Because lights generate a lot of heat, your lighting is susceptible to heat fatigue to the plastic housings. It is important not to ignore this type of problem as it can result in serious malfunction. Light housings are inexpensive and easy to replace.


Regular wheel maintenance makes for a safer, more economical journey. Correct and true wheel maintenance makes your car safer and more comfortable, and will significantly increase the life-expectancy of your tyres. Every car rolls off the factory floor with its wheels carefully positioned to allow maximum ease-of-driving, fuel economy and evenness of tyre wear. But a number of different factors can cause tiny changes in the wheel’s position, such as hitting pot holes or kerbs, suspension deterioration and general vehicle wear and tear. In short, unless you have your wheels aligned on a regular basis, you can expect your fuel economy to drop, your handling to deteriorate, and your tyres to wear out more quickly. The good news is: having all four wheels aligned can be cheaper than the price of a single tyre.


Your cars Air Conditioning is often overlooked when it comes to regular maintenence. Many of us solely rely on aircon during the summer months but it is quite effective in demisting windows in winter and removing humidity reducing fogged up windows. While the obvious external items such as belts, mounting and radiators may be regularly checked, there are other areas which need attention such as gas levels, compressor oils, seals and condensors. You can lose 15% of the refrigerant gas in the system each year thus reducing the perfomnace of the cooling. A car running low on a/c gas will work harder and use more fuel.



Having the correct equipment is an essential part of servicing modern cars. Cars are increasingly controlled by computers and our investment in top of the range computer diagnostics means we can fix your car quicker and pass the time saving onto you.


Great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly staff, which is why we put so much consideration into selecting the best people to join our team. We will not only meet your needs, but also exceed your expectations of what a car service should be.


We have been best modifying and redesigning the cars exterior and car interior parts. With our high quality Car body kits and car spoiler, we assure your driving experience with full of comfort and leisure.



Our extensive range of car parts, car accessories and consumables and our in depth knowledge of the motor parts industry are what makes our business so successful.Marvel Cars is a leading distributor of car parts aimed at offering high-quality, competitively priced vehicle components, workshop consumables, tools and diagnostic equipment. We endeavour to source and supply our customers with what they require while offering our first class expertise and knowledge of the motor industry.


We pride ourselves on presenting you with top quality motors at affordable prices. We have a number of cars in stock but if you are looking for something in particular we can help you. We also can help you sell your car or take it as a trade in. If you are buying a car privately and need it checked out we can also provide you with a detailed report including full diagnostics. Warranties available on cars but peace of mind is always assured.


Insuring your car should be easy and something you can rely on. If it's Comprehensive Car Insurance or Third Party Fire & Theft cover you are looking for, we have got Car Insurance you can count on. We combine great value Car Insurance with high quality customer care.